Warranty Information

SoundMAGIC Warranty Policy

All SoundMAGIC products on this site are provided with a 1 (one) year warranty unless otherwise stated.All authorised dealers are required by SoundMAGIC to look after warranty claims for purchases made from their store. If you have a warranty claim please contact the dealer that you purchased the product from and if the claim is valid (i.e. failure is due to manufacturing defect).Then they will replace the product if in case the ‘Return Merchandise Authority’ deems the product to be unfit for repair. The customer availing the Warranty for the said products by SoudMAGIC will have to bare any courier charges that will imply for logistics in the warranty process.

If you encounter problems with a warranty claim at a SoundMAGIC dealer, first double check that they are an authorised dealer, and if so then please report the problem to SoundMAGIC customer service for resolution.

How To Protect Yourself

Always check if the reseller you are purchasing from is listed as an authorised dealer on the SoundMAGIC website, especially if you are purchasing from online marketplace platforms like Amazon. Alternatively contact us and check before purchasing.

If you purchase products from an non-authorised dealer and require warranty service you may find that you are not covered.

Check the serial number

Any products with serial numbers removed from packaging or blacked out are most likely sold by a non-authorised reseller and will not have a valid warranty.  We recommend returning for a refund any SoundMAGIC products received without a serial number on the packaging to the reseller you purchased from.