SoundMAGIC PL11 Red


Price: Rs.1500

How do you get premium quality at a moderate price? SoundMAGIC’s dedicated team of acoustic engineers have come up with the solution: PL11 earphones. Combining expertise with advanced technology, this little in-ear marvel has it all. With a well-built and robust construction the PL11 boasts an innovative and thoughtful design. Delivering potent bass, a smooth mid-range and clarity of treble notes for a listening experience that is truly high-fidelity.
SoundMAGIC’s PL11 are ergonomically designed to sit perfectly in the earcanal, for a secure and comfortable fit. Combine this with various sizes of included eartips and you achieve a flawless seal – keeping unwanted noise out and sealing your music in. Requiring less volume from the audio source enables exciting sound with the added advantage of preserving healthy hearing.





  • Compatible with iPod/iPhone and other portable MP3 player devices.
  • Super Bass, More details, Unadulterated tone, Treble oriented & clear, Good balance, Precise reproduce.
  • Comfortable fit, suitable for long time use.
  • Closed Design, Good noise isolation, hearing protection.
  • Noise isolation near -20dB.

Package Includes

  • SoundMAGIC PL11 In-Ear Sound Isolating Earphones in Red
  • Silicone eartips in three different sizes
  • Shirt clip

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